In 2008, the SKEP (Scientific Knowledge for Environmental Protection) network commissioned research to develop a suitable methodology to assess transnational environmental impacts through international trade, which led to the establishment of the EIPOT project (environmental impacts of trade).

In the EIPOT project, an evaluation approach called RACER was adapted for the purposes of the project. RACER is used by the European Commission Directorate General Environment to assess the suitability of methods and indicators for policy-oriented applications. On the basis of assessments carried out here, EIPOT makes recommendations for setting up a method able to fulfil the project’s aim of assessing transnational environmental impacts of traded goods and products.

The suggested way forward is a methodology incorporating elements of different tools which have proven to be successful, and identification of future needs in order to develop an effective and applicable tool, rather than focussing on one approach and its further development.

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