The stated aim of the FAO conference was to “increase understanding of the important role that forests, trees on farms and agroforestry systems can play in improving food security and nutrition, especially in developing countries. The conference also aimed to propose policy options that need to be undertaken at national and international level to better position the role of forests and trees in food security and nutrition decision-making processes.” This was seen as crucial because forest and trees are mostly absent from policy decisions on food security, despite the important direct and indirect roles they play for food security and nutrition.

Focali and SIANI agree with this problem identification and hence want to contribute to the deliberations on key challenges and bottlenecks that hinder a greater contribution of forests for food security. They offer key examples of how forests and trees can provide multiple benefits for food security, livelihoods and socio- ecological systems, and they identify policy needs and recommendations for a cross-sectoral landscape approach, which includes the multiple benefits of forests and trees for food security.

Download the brief (PDF, 3.8MB)