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Genesee – Finger Lakes Emissions Scenario Analysis

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Genesee – Finger Lakes Emissions Scenario Analysis

The Climate Solutions Accelerator of the Genesee-Finger Lakes Region (CSA) and SEI have assessed the region’s climate footprint and identifying regionally appropriate climate actions. The project’s purpose is to guide the development and implementation of climate actions across the New York region with the best potential to cut greenhouse gas emissions while improving the region’s vibrancy, equity, resiliency and health.

This report summarizes potential emission reduction actions and pathways.

Emily Ghosh, Anisha Nazareth, Omar Aponte / Published on 1 February 2023

Download  Download the report / PDF / 4 MB

Ghosh, E., Nazareth, A., & Aponte, O. (2023). Genesee-Finger Lakes Emissions Scenario Analysis. Stockholm Environment Institute.

Human-caused climate change endangers the future of our planet. Limiting climate change’s worst impacts while creating a sustainable planet for all requires urgent action across all sectors and scales. These climate impacts are already posing threats to the Genesee-Finger Lakes Region in several ways, such as heat waves, floods and fluctuating precipitation patterns. At the same time, climate action provides multiple benefits, including improving energy affordability and reliability, particularly for our lowest-income households, reducing health issues caused by air pollution such as respiratory illnesses, and boosting economic vitality through new businesses and jobs.

The baseline emissions assessment generated in this partnership between SEI and CSA includes an analysis of the major sources of emissions in each of the region’s counties and estimates emission projections into the future based on historical emission rates. This scenario analysis builds on the emissions inventory and baseline emissions projections to assess the long-term emissions reduction potential for the region under alternate climate mitigation pathways.

The final output of this project is an emissions reduction target for the region and a set of corresponding measures and actions to achieve this goal, all documented in a Climate Action Strategy for the Genesee-Finger Lakes Region. This report is the second of three phases of the project.


Download the report / PDF / 4 MB

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