Youth are effective change-makers in business and industry, science and technology, government and education. But are the SDGs personally relevant to them? The success of the SDGs in the rapidly growing and transforming communities of Asia and the Pacific will depend in part on young people. The next generation will not be sustainable without their engagement and leadership. It is therefore critical that they have the knowledge, and the opportunity, to realize this sustainability.

This publication reaches out to young people, including students, young adults and early career professionals, to heighten their knowledge of three primary subjects – the natural environment, human health, and the built environment – to promote a better understanding of the region’s emerging environmental issues and their causes and effects. Its five chapters provide a framework for these challenges and young people’s role in meeting them, as well as presenting information on the benefits derived from nature, emerging environmental issues, natural and built environments and highlights for suggested youth actions, including a survey specifically conducted for the report completed by youth, for youth.

The publication also aims to empower young people to take up the challenge and become involved in actions and decision making that leads to environmental protection, improved human health and more thriving and resilient communities. It addresses how these environmental challenges are all inter-connected, and why youth should care about the environment and why they should take action.