The Indonesian government intends to update and strengthen its national climate change policy framework through preparation of a national climate change adaptation action plan (RAN-API) in 2012, to be completed in time for launch at the COP in December. The government has previously released several policy documents outlining its broad response to climate change, including the National Action Plan Addressing Climate Change (Rancana Aksi National – Perubahan Iklim, RAN-PI) which was launched during the Bali COP.

Presently, a draft strategy for ‘mainstreaming’ climate change into development planning is also being finalised. However, a wider strategy for responding to climate change risks and vulnerabilities is still needed. The RAN-API will take on this role.

The purpose of this Concept Note is to provide some conceptual guidance for RAN-API development, both in terms of substance as well as in approach. It identifies lessons from previous work and also draws on useful insights from previous academic literature. As an independent input, its aim is to be able to support the government and other local stakeholders in their decisions about how to build the RAN-API.

The structure of the Concept Note follows the draft structure of the RAN-API document developed by various stakeholders including BAPPENAS and other ministries. This Concept Note concludes with an additional section (Section 7) which summarises some key recommendations for authors and other stakeholders involved in preparing the RAN-API that can help guide the preparation process.

The text of the Concept Note is not intended to be text of the RAN-API; instead, it raises some of the issues and questions that should be considered by the authors of the RAN-API during its preparation, and can help shape the document’s final text.