In 2007, responding to a clear need for increased knowledge-sharing on climate change adaptation, SEI’s Oxford Centre launched wikiADAPT. The goal was to enable the collaborative writing of articles on adaptation, and to create a space for researchers and practitioners working in the field to share experiences, useful tools and methods. From the outset, wikiADAPT – which evolved into weADAPT – was conceived as a partnership, to build shared ownership across the adaptation community.

In the seven years since, SEI and our Knowledge Partners have invested time, thought and effort into the platform’s development, and we have seen it evolve and grow in a variety of ways – some intended and some unexpected. In the process, we have learned many valuable lessons about sharing knowledge on climate adaptation. This note describes key changes made over time, and identifies seven lessons/principles learned from the process of developing the platform.

Download the briefing note (PDF, 1.1MB)