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Nordic Adaptation 2010

Researchers and users gathered in autumn 2010 at the biggest climate change adaptation conference yet in the Nordic countries. Focus was on identifying and discussing the state of stakeholders’ need of knowledge, interplay between the national and the local level, examples of successful activities, and new questions raised by the work so far. It is clear that climate change adaptation cannot be pursued, without regard to other issues on the agenda. Much can be gained by a more integrated approach.

Oskar Wallgren / Published on 21 July 2011

Wallgren, O. (2011). Nordic Adaptation 2010. Wallgren, O. (2011) Nordic Adaptation 2010. Mistra-SWECIA Annual report 2010, pp 16-17.

This article focuses on the Nordic Adaptation Conference held in 2010 and is part of the 2010 Mistra-SWECIA Annual Report.

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