The countries have common political histories under British rule, and large scale population resettlements have shaped both attitudes and approaches towards environmental management. Being predominantly arid and semi-arid, both Israel and Australia consider themselves to be affected by water scarcity, though comparisons reveal stark differences in water availability metrics and management options. These management options demonstrate that prioritizing water security can risk compromising other types of security, such as environmental sustainability and international relations.

The case studies demonstrate that achieving a secure water supply can be more challenging than merely sourcing enough water for consumptive use. The future of water management in both Israel and Australia rests on their abilities to situate a particular water use appropriately within the hierarchy of needs for national prosperity.

About the book:
Australia and Israel: A Diasporic, Cultural and Political Relationship draws attention to the important historical and contemporary nexus between this diaspora and its imagined homeland. The collection also considers the ways in which these two states mobilize national myths and share environmental challenges.

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