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SEI research synthesis: gender, development and sustainability – 2017 update

This brief synthesises key findings from recent SEI research projects around the world focused on gender issues in the context of development and sustainability.


Biskupska, N., Aung, M.T., Resurrección, M.T. and Davis, M. (2017). SEI research synthesis: gender, development and sustainability – 2017 update. SEI Research Synthesis Brief. Stockholm Environment Institute, Stockholm.

Woman fixing net

A woman in a village in Siem Reap province, Cambodia, repairs her fishing gear. Photo credit: SEI, Asia Centre

Gender differences and disparities in access to and control over natural resources are well documented. Yet, in development policy and practice, gender issues are often neglected. Many interventions fail to recognize gender and social differences or offer simplistic solutions.

SEI has made it a priority to address gender and social equity across its work and to help address gaps in knowledge and policy from the local to the global scale. Through the Gender and Social Equity (GSE) Programme, launched in 2016, SEI is funding innovative research on gender and equity in environment and development, while working to integrate these issues in SEI’s research, policy outreach and capacity-building efforts. Our goal is to help establish a strong shared vision that is gender- and socially inclusive, and bring that vision to bear through our partnerships, networks and alliances.

This synthesis brief presents insights from SEI research, through the GSE Programme and beyond, that has sought to narrow the gaps between knowledge, policy and practice on gender issues. We also describe some of our major activities to support this work and explore directions for the future.

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