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WEAP: a tool for sustainable water analysis

WEAP is SEI’s flagship water modelling software that assists water planners with its integrated features spanning policy, hydrology, climate scenarios, water quality and more.

Read our 2023 WEAP fact sheet for the basics on this innovative tool and how it can help water decision-makers and researchers.

WEAP: a tool for sustainable water analysis / Published on 21 March 2023

SEI. (2023). WEAP (Water Evaluation and Planning system): a tool for sustainable water analysis. Stockholm environment Institute.

Satellite view of the Columbia River delta between western Washington state and Oregon, United States.

Photo: Sunset Avenue Productions / Getty Images

Many regions face increasingly formidable freshwater management challenges, grappling with issues such as allocation of limited water resources, environmental quality and policies for sustainable water use. Conventional supply-oriented simulation models are not always adequate.

WEAP incorporates an integrated approach to water development into a practical tool for water resources planning, encompassing demand-side issues, water quality and ecosystem preservation and protection. It places water demand – water use patterns, equipment efficiencies, reuse, costs and allocation – on an equal footing with the supply side – streamflow, groundwater, reservoirs and water transfers. WEAP is a laboratory for examining alternative water development and management strategies.

Learn more in our latest WEAP fact sheet.

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