Abstract: “Potential conflicts arising from competing demands of complex water resource systems require a holistic approach to address the tradeoff landscape inherent in freshwater ecosystem service evaluation.

The Water Evaluation and Planning model version 21 (WEAP21) is a comprehensive integrated water resource management (IWRM) model that can aid in the evaluation of ecosystem services by integrating natural watershed processes with socio-economic elements that include the infrastructure and institutions that govern the allocation of available freshwater supplies.

The bio-physical and socioeconomic components of Battle Creek and Cow Creek, two tributaries of the Sacramento River of Northern California, USA, were used to illustrate how a new hydrologic sub-module in WEAP21 can be used in conjunction with an imbedded water allocation algorithm to simulate the hydrologic response of the watersheds and aid in evaluating freshwater ecosystem service tradeoffs under alternative scenarios.

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