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Industry Transition Tracker

The Industry Transition Tracker is an online interactive database that allows users to find industry transition roadmaps in one place and compare, contrast and identify trends in the decarbonization plans of different countries, regions and industry sectors.


Last updated on 22 December 2021

Industry Transition Tracker

Graphic: LeadIT / SEI.

The Industry Transition Tracker gathers national and regional industry transition roadmaps from all G20 countries. For our purpose, roadmaps refer to strategic long-term decarbonization plans, visions and pathways that include decarbonization targets.

The Transition Tracker aims to facilitate analysis of and research into the decarbonization of hard-to-abate industry sectors, which globally cause 30% of greenhouse gas emissions.

Key features

  • Industry transition roadmaps together with details on which countries have roadmaps in place, what sectors they fall under and what industries they target.
  • Information on whether it was a government, company or civil society that commissioned the roadmap, which allows users to understand whether the decarbonization ambition is government-driven or driven by any other actor.
  • Country profiles that enable users to find information about each country, their decarbonization targets, coverage of industry transition in their nationally-determined contributions and other national indicators.
  • Country comparison view in which users are able to compare countries with each other, allowing users to identify and examine trends, contrasts and capabilities.
  • Roadmap comparison view which gives users a single view of all the financing needs, technology demands and policy levers that are specified. Users are also able compare the different roadmaps and industry sectors with each other in order to explore and assess similarities and differences in the existing decarbonization plans.
Industry Transition Tracker country profile

The country profile feature allows users to look at the conditions of a specific country.



With the data from industry transition roadmaps gathered in one place, users are able to analyze the content of roadmaps across different countries, regions and industry sectors. The Transition Tracker also enables users to understand the policy levers, financing needs and technology demands that are seen as necessary to implement the roadmaps and achieve the decarbonization targets, all in an engaging and interactive manner. It is a useful tool for government officials, company representatives, trade bodies, researchers, and other civil society or industry transition stakeholders.

The Transition Tracker was commissioned by the Leadership for Industry Transition (LeadIT) Group. The LeadIT Secretariat is hosted by SEI.

SEI team

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Somya Joshi

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