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How can governments transform scientific knowledge and research into actionable business opportunities?

As follow-up to the first-ever Sustainable Blue Economy Conference (SBEC) co-organized by Canada, Japan and Kenya in November 2018, SEI and the Kenya n government organized an investment-driven dialogue on the margins of the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the founding of UNEP in Nairobi, Kenya from 3–4 March 2022. The objective of the dialogue was to have conversations aimed at transforming scientific knowledge and research into actionable business and investment opportunities.

Lawrence Nzuve / Published on 15 March 2022
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Lawrence Nzuve /

Book of abstracts launch

Chief Editor Dr George Outa (second from left) explains a point to Kenyan Ministry of Education Chief Administrative Secretary Sara Ruto, Marine, Coastal and Freshwater Ecosystems Branch of Division for Environmental Policy Implementation at UNEP Programme Officer Ole Vestergaard, Kenyan State Law Office and Department of Justice Chief Administrative Secretary Prof. Micheni Japhet Ntiba, Kenya’s Livestock and Fisheries Chief Administrative Secretary Lawrence Omuhaka and SEI Africa Centre Director Dr Philip Osano at the official twin launch of the science and research symposium book of abstracts and science, research and innovation for harnessing the blue economy at the ICRAF campus in Nairobi. Photo: Lawrence Nzuve / SEI.

It also aims at ensuring that the policy environment is nurtured to facilitate the required thinking and transformation in a way that benefits the ocean and blue economy-dependent nations and communities.

The dialogue culminated in the launch of the Science and Research Symposium Book of Abstracts and the Kenya launch of the Science, Research and Innovation for Harnessing the Blue Economy books.

Sweden and Norway have supported the African blue economy. We are looking at options for green energy in Africa, but we need this across all oceans and seas.

Philip Osano, SEI Africa Centre Director


Philip Osano
Philip Osano

Centre Director

SEI Africa

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