Global Shipping Watch has introduced a pilot version of the platform covering large trading countries such as Brazil and the US.

“The combination of detailed cargo data and vessel operations data brings a very powerful product and shines a light on what has long been a blind spot,” said SEI Senior Research Fellow Javier Godar. “Companies, investors, governments and research organizations can now use the data to inform decisions and actions to improve maritime shipping logistics and decrease emissions.”

The platform contributes to corporate carbon reporting on scope 3 emissions (indirect emissions that occur in a company’s value chain), helps consumers to understand the real carbon footprint of their choices, benchmarks the performance of accountable supply chain actors (carriers, vessels, export companies and countries) by setting credible baselines, provides information for more efficient chartering operations, modelling improved shipping operations and more efficient global maritime architecture and enables better analysis of supply chain vulnerabilities, bottlenecks and commercial opportunities.

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