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Kenya harnesses the sun

Solar power is gaining traction in the African region. Mbeo Ogeya, SEI Research Fellow, is quoted in an article by Thomson Reuters Foundation published in City Press.

Published on 27 January 2019

Solar panel in Masai Mara Kenya, Africa. Photo: Mehmed Zelkovic / Getty Images.

Mbeo Ogeya said the use of solar power to fuel water pumping and irrigation “can be a game-changer in energy and food security for marginalised parts of Kenya.”

A recently installed solar-powered water pump has brought the precious resource water directly to the village of Marimanti in Tharaka-Nithi County.

According to Joseph Njoroge, the Kenyan energy department’s principal secretary, another 14 Kenyan counties are also seeing solar power put in place to boost development as part of a World Bank-funded effort.


Mbeo Ogeya
Mbeo Ogeya

Research Fellow

SEI Africa

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