stilt houses in Bangladesh coping with climate change
Stilt houses in Bangladesh, coping with climate change. Photo credit: Development Planning Unit at the University College London via Flickr

The launch of the 2017 AdaptationWatch report at COP23 highlights the experiences of nations in the Global South in adaptation. The report emphasizes the need to bolster the effectiveness of climate adaptation action, to ensure that the world’s most vulnerable people are well-equipped to respond to the impacts of climate change.

“The impacts of climate change are falling disproportionately on the world’s poorest nations and peoples, who are often the least able to cope. International funding is therefore critical for adapting to a changing climate and building resilient societies,” said Kevin Adams, editor of the report and researcher at Stockholm Environment Institute, one of the partnership organizations behind the report.

The AdaptationWatch report highlights ten key actions for moving forward on adaptation under the Paris Agreement:

  1. Commit to the era of adaptation implementation.
  2. Increase finance for adaptation.
  3. Define ‘adaptation’ clearly.
  4. Outline a robust reporting system with universal methodologies for accounting.
  5. Move toward substantive assessments of progress on adaptation.
  6. Ensure that finance goes to the most vulnerable and under-supported.
  7. Consider in-country issues with communication and coordination.
  8. Simplify and support efforts to increase climate finance readiness.
  9. Co-design adaptation action with local communities.
  10. Reorient capacity building efforts to focus on the long-term.

The report will be presented at COP23 on 11 November, 09:00-11:00 at DIE Interconnections.
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The AdaptationWatch report

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AdaptationWatch is a growing partnership of organizations from across the world, aiming to catalyze wide participation in plans and actions to adapt to climate change.