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SEI’s Philip Osano to Quartz: “Developed nations need to expand climate finance pledges”

Estimates show that climate funding to Africa, which contributes the least to climate hazards, stands at $30 billion per year despite a promise of $100 billion. However, Africa is looking for $1.3 trillion in climate financing, according to an article by Quartz featuring SEI Africa Centre Director Philip Osano.

Lawrence Nzuve / Published on 3 October 2022
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Lawrence Nzuve /

The island of Gorée off the coast of Senegal, opposite Dakar

The island of Gorée off the coast of Senegal, opposite the city of Dakar. Photo: Lawrence Nzuve / SEI.

Africa benefits from less than 5% of global climate financing despite suffering disproportionately from climate change. There is an urgent need for developed nations to expand climate finance pledges.

Dr Philip Osano, SEI Africa Centre Director

Although Africa produces less than 4% of the world’s carbon emissions, it continues to witness some of the worst hazards of climate change, with temperatures rising faster than the global average. A 2019 World Meteorological Organization report warned that a temperature rise of 4°C relative to pre-industrial levels could reduce Africa’s GDP by up to an uncomfortable12.12%.


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