About this webinar

In this webinar, government ministers and researchers give perspectives on the future of the European Green Deal in creating a sustainable and equitable Europe after the Covid-19 pandemic. We hear from our keynote speaker, Minister Teresa Ribera, Spain’s perspective on the Green Deal for all. This webinar co-hosted by SEI and the Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP) is part of the Making Evidence Count webinar series from Think Sustainable Europe .

Source: SEI.


  • 12:50 Welcome words and introduction: Robert Watt (SEI)
  • 13:00 Green Deal for all from Spain’s perspective: Minister Teresa Ribera
  • 13:10 Findings of the report on sustainability and equity between people, regions, countries, and generations of Europe in a post-COVID-19 era: Céline Charveriat (IEEP)
  • 13:20 Remarks from Maria João Rodrigues (Foundation for European Progressive Studies)
  • 13: 25 Remarks from Sirpa Pietikäinen (Member of the European Parliament, European People’s Party)
    • Q&A session between moderators and panelists
    • Q&A session with the audience*
  • 13:45 Findings of the report on just transition: Claudia Strambo and Aaron Atteridge (SEI)
  • 13:55 Q&A session with the audience*
  • 14:15 End

About the organizers

Think Sustainable Europe is a network of leading sustainability think tanks in Europe, brought together by the IEEP in 2019. Think Sustainable Europe is composed of IEEP, Ecologic Institute, the Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations, SEI and TMG – Think Tank for Sustainability. Think Sustainable Europe is dedicated to providing policymakers across the continent with sound, science-based analysis and recommendations.