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Although many countries have national bioeconomy strategies, the only cohesive regional strategies are in the EU and Eastern Africa, and consequently it is quite challenging to identify the regional pathways in South East Asia. Furthermore, when it comes to implementation of strategies, there has been various progress in terms of adopting and implementing a broader bioeconomy vision that goes beyond biotechnology. A broader understanding on the development, policies, and pathways of bioeconomy in the region is evidently needed. To address these gaps, SEI Asia will held a webinar titled: Bioeconomy Pathways in Southeast Asia: Resources, Strategies, and Policies.  

In joining the discussion, we have invited panelists from government representatives, research, and practitioner in Southeast Asia to share their experiences of best practices and identify gaps as well as barriers they face for successful bioeconomy implementation. We hope this discussion will help us to synthesize information that we have from our diverse panelists and help to formulate strategic steps to formulate and further strengthen bioeconomy pathways in the region.


Opening remarks

  • Francis X. Johnson, Senior Research Fellow, SEI Asia
  • Theresa Mundita S. Lim, Executive Director of the ASEAN, Centre for Biodiversity (ACB)
  • Philip Osano, Centre Director, SEI Africa


  • Kuntum Melati, Research Fellow, SEI Asia


  • Dr. Himlal Biral, Senior Scientist, Climate Change, Energy and Low Carbon Development, CIFOR-ICRAF
  • Ms. Monika Merdekawati, Research Analyst, ASEAN, Energy Centre
  • Giovanni Tagliani, Joint PhD program / University of Ferrara
  • Tran Minh Hue, Ministry of Planning and Investment, Vietnam
  • Jonatan Kuba, CEO, Indo-China Agriculture

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