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Bridging the ambition gap for the future we want through climate and SDG synergy

SEI Executive Director, Måns Nilsson is the thematic co-lead author for one of the reports recently launched at the Bonn Climate Change Conference by the Expert Group on Climate and SDG Synergy, alongside SEI Senior Research Fellow, Adis Dzebo as a thematic co-author. Policymakers will gather at HLPF 2024, for the launch of the synthesis global report that will catalyze the development of concrete action plans and initiatives that leverage synergies between climate action and the SDGs.

16 July 2024 at 10:30 EDT

ending at 13:00 EDT

Launch of the 2024 Global Report on Climate and SDG Synergy

Building on the outcomes of the first Global Report on Climate and SDG Synergy, the second report, prepared by the Expert Group with input from over 100 world experts, is a practical response to uncovering challenges and opportunities for revitalizing action towards just and equitable societies on a healthy planet. The report suggests an adaptable and transformative course of action, tailored to current and future global challenges—a pathway characterized by synergistic action. This important analytical piece, with its key 4 thematic areas on policy instruments, knowledge and data, financial mechanisms and cities platforms, will provide a roadmap for policymakers with concrete policy recommendations on how to realize synergistic climate and SDG actions on the ground.

The special event will launch the 2024 Global Report on Climate and SDG Synergies, presenting actionable solutions for key upcoming discussions. It will highlight key messages and recommendations from the report, showcasing practical examples of these recommendations in action by Member States, civil society, and the private sector. The event will serve as a platform to initiate new potential collaborations for synergistic action and reflect on how this work can support policymakers and practitioners.

Read the report launched at the Bonn Climate Change Conference

SEI report authors

Måns Nilsson
Måns Nilsson

Executive Director

SEI Headquarters

Adis Dzebo
Adis Dzebo

Senior Research Fellow

SEI Headquarters

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