When: Tuesday, 4 December, 15:00 – 16:30
Where: International Congress Centre, Room: Wisla, Katowice, Poland

The first round of NDCs lacked sufficient ambition and clarity to provide a pathway for reaching the Paris Agreement’s long term goals.

Learning from past experience, the side event presents strategies for improving countries’ next NDCs based on research from several upcoming academic publications and the NDC-SDG Connections tool.

This event, which is co-hosted by SEI’s partners, German Development Institute will include a distinguished panel of experts.

Moderator: Arunabha Ghosh (founding partner and CEO of Council on Energy, Environment and Water, India)


  • Niklas Hoehe (Director of New Climate Institute), on mitigation
  • Saleem Huq (Director ICCCAD and IIED), on capacity building
  • Angel Hsu (Yale University), on involvement of non-state actors
  • Pieter Pauw (Frankfurt School of Finance and Management), on conditional NDCs
  • Clara Brandi (German Development Institute), on NDC-SDG connections