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Data: Empowering leaders to make ambitious decisions on climate action

Let’s talk data at the 2nd Capacity-building Hub’s Transparency Day on 5 December, 15:00 – 16:15.

SEI and Aether organize this discussion on the essential and growing needs for specialist data on climate impacts, and on action investments, at a crucial time when we need to balance the needs of our economies with the needs of our environment.

Watch the live webcast here.

5 December 2019
Madrid, Spain and Online

Capacity-building Hub

Data = evidence = transparency. Using data to provide arguments for action and on action, progress and ambition.

We need to act and move quickly to a low-carbon, resilient way of life. We must manage this change carefully so we can still offer citizens prospects, preserve the environment and improve quality of life. We must implement big changes that have big impact whilst also progressively delivering on the more complex changes needed (e.g. agricultural systems, addressing deforestation and low carbon transportation).


Photo: Dan Meyers / Unsplash

To do this we must enhance awareness of the impacts of our activities into mainstream decision making and into how we invest our resources. We need new information for decision makers to prioritise and fine tune investment, understanding the co-benefits, uncertainties, risks and conflicts.  This requires new data, new experts and new information delivery systems equipped to reach conventional decision-making processes and inform our busy leadership teams.

Domestic systems for monitoring, verifying and reporting (MRV) can provide this and meet national reporting needs. New data on support and on the provision of aid also helps to accelerate the implementation of action.

Moderator: Musonda Mumba, UNEP


  • Justin Goodwin, Aether
  • Georgia Savvidou, SEI
  • Gervais I. Itsoua Madzous, CGE Chair
  • Sandra Motshwanedi, South Africa
  • Khetsiwe Kumalo, Eswatini
  • Padraig Oliver, UNFCCC
  • Amanda McKee, NDC Partnership

Venue: 2nd Capacity-building Hub, Hall 4, IFEMA

Check out the full programme of Transparency Day, organized by the UNFCCC’s Paris Committee for Capacity Building (PCCB) and UNDP.

Transparency Day programme

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