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e-EUBCE 2020: Bioeconomy’s role in the post-pandemic economic recovery

The 28th EUBCE expanded its portfolio from energy-related biomass production and conversion of bio-based feedstock to integrate the bioeconomy into its conference programme. SEI experts will speak about different models and mechanisms for steering sustainable bioeconomy governance, with insights from our research in Kenya, Thailand, Colombia and Sweden.

A modern biogas plant under the cloudscape of an approaching thunderstorm. Photo: kontrast fotodesign / Getty Images.

6 to 9 July 2020
and Online

Online, Online

The European Biomass Conferences and Exhibition is a well-established international conference, tackling challenges ranging from biomass growth and biomass conversion to bioenergy, biofuels and bioproducts, sustainability and policies, and to provide a forum for industrial implementation of technologies enabling the transition away from fossil fuels economies. For all of these topics on integration of processes, technologies and value chains it has always been necessary to ensure the most efficient use of the limited biomass resource and enable economic viability. The ultimate step of integration is a fully functioning bioeconomy.

A modern bioeconomy is now emerging, encompassing biomaterials and biochemicals production, along with traditional bio-based products and other economic activities dealing with the growth, conversion, application and marketing of bioproducts and biochemicals from biogenic sources.

Fostering sustainability in bioeconomy

July 8, 09:00 – 10:00

This session will address the issue of sustainability in different biomass supply chains and regions around the world. Rocio Diaz-Chavez, Deputy Director for Research and Energy and Climate Change Programme Leader at SEI Africa, will present: Sustainable Integration of Bioenergy And Bioeconomy The Global South. New Forms of Landscape Governance?

International strategies and governance systems for bioenergy and the bioeconomy

July 9, 10:10 – 11:10

This session will focus on a variety of strategies and governance mechanisms to steer bioenergy and the bioeconomy in different world regions. Francis X. Johnson, Senior Research Fellow and Leader of the SEI Initiative on Governing Bioeconomy Pathways will present: Governing Alternative Bioeconomy and Development Pathways: An International Comparison.

SEI experts at the event:

Francis X. Johnson
Francis X. Johnson

Senior Research Fellow

SEI Asia

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