The EAC Regional Youth Innovation Forum is organized by EASTECO with support and in collaboration with stakeholders of STI in the region and globally, including GIZ, ministries responsible for science, technology and innovation, and national councils/commissions of science and technology.

The forum aims to provide a platform for the youth in science, technology and innovation in the East African Community and beyond to share their innovation experiences in generating scientific and technologically innovative solutions to social needs and market demand.

Day 2 – 9th November

Parallel session 4: Climate Change and Environment Innovations

14.00 – 15.30 EAT

Keynote Address: Dr. Anderson Kehbila, Programme Leader for Natural Resources and Ecosystems, SEI Africa

Speaker 1: Simone Philbert – Production of briquettes and fabrication of improved cooking stoves as strategy to convince the community to shift from charcoal to briquette

Speaker 2: Neema Walter – Conversation of organic waste into electricity and clean cooking gas to combat climate change

Speaker 3: Olivier Nihimbazwe – Producing Chlorine Locally: Towards A Sustainable Water Treatment Service Delivery and Diarrhoea Control in Rural Burundi

Speaker 4: Ishimwe Fabrice – Production of coal and fertilizer using wastes from landfill will eradicate greenhouse effects there by making world green

Speaker 5: Edmond Ngwalago – Converting organic wastes to two-in–one low cost organic pesticides & fertilizer using complex natural enzymatic process, microbes and nano technology

Speaker 6: Ajok Lynn Jolly –
An irrigation system powered by solar energy for farms in Omoro district for the young women aged 20 to 35 years of age

Moderator: Mr. Mabile Jothdit, EAC Youth Ambassador, South Sudan

Rapporteur: Bruce Sakindi, EAYN Coordinator, Rwanda


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