The IPCC report is clear that we must address demand-side emissions in order to reduce our impact on the planet. UNEP’s new Policy Brief Enabling Sustainable Lifestyles in a Climate Emergency offers insights on what forces shape our lifestyles as well as what structural solutions – such as choice editing – can help governments and businesses kickstart the transition to sustainable lifestyles.
This event will delve into how we can change how we consume and explore how sustainable living can enable circularity. Policy makers will recount how and why some policy strategies have been successfully (or less successfully) implemented. We will also explore the positive externalities of health and well-being that can be achieved when we address environmental issues.
To learn more about the brief ahead of the event, you can check out this fact sheet .


Amitabh Kant , Chief Executive Officer, NITI Aayog
Julia Steinberger , Lead Author IPCC WG3 report, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
Emma Nohrén , Chair of the Cross-Party Committee on Environmental Objectives (Miljömålsberedningen), Swedish Parliament
Magnus Bengtsson , Policy Lead, Hot or Cool Institute
Elisa Tonda , Head of Consumption and Production Unit, UNEP
Moderator: Marcus Carson , Co-lead of One Planet Network Sustainable Lifestyles and Education Programme, Stockholm Environment Institute