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10YFP Sustainable Lifestyles and Education Programme

The Sustainable Lifestyles and Education Programme was one of six programmes within the 10 Year Framework of Programmes on Sustainable Consumption and Production led by UNEP. The SLE programme was co-led by Sweden, through Stockholm Environment Institute and Japan, through the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies.

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Stockholm Environment Institute is representing the Government of Sweden in its capacity as co-lead, supporting coordination of the programme’s overall implementation, reporting, information sharing and external communication.

Activities within the SLE Programme mobilize scientific knowledge, emanating from both natural and social sciences, to build capacities as well as to promote the development, replication or scaling-up of effective approaches and initiatives for sustainable lifestyles.

Realistic and tangible scenarios for sustainable lifestyles will be developed, including hotspots analysis, to support decision-making and investments, and will be used as training material to build capacities among decision-makers.

Life cycle thinking has proven to be an effective driver for the shift towards sustainable lifestyles, through increasing consumer and citizen awareness of the consequence of their choices, or through supporting decisions about creating products, services and developing communities that are more sustainable. These approaches will be embedded in many activities under the programme, including education activities.

In this video, the experts within the Sustainable Lifestyles and Education programme have collected their observations on how lifestyles and education are increasingly shaping the discourse and practice of sustainable development.

Marcus Carson
Marcus Carson

Senior Research Fellow

SEI Headquarters

Katarina Axelsson
Katarina Axelsson

Senior Policy Fellow

SEI Headquarters

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