The challenges for Africa are daunting. The United Nations estimates that Africa’s population will increase from today’s figure of around 1.1 billion, to approximately 1.6 billion people by 2030 and well over two billion by 2050. The rapid population increase, in combination with continued rapid urbanization and changing diets, creates new demands and new opportunities for African agriculture.

Smallholder farmers mainly rely on family labor and produce most of the food in Africa. They are also poor, vulnerable and under increasing pressure to grow more and better-quality food in a sustainable manner. To ensure future food security, these smallholder farms need to be supported and given opportunities so they can become more productive and profitable. Apart from connecting these smallholders to local markets, value chains and processing opportunities, innovations targeting smallholders will be crucial to raising agricultural productivity, improving rural livelihoods and increasing food security across Africa.


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10:00 Welcome and introduction
Madeleine Fogde, SEI

10:10 Developing a bioeconomy strategy for East Africa
Dr. Ivar Virgin, SEI

10:30 Innovating farming in Africa: The role of Icipe
Dr. Segenet Kelemu, Icipe

11:00 Precision farming for African smallholders
Dr. Johanna Wetterlind, SLU

11:30 Soil information on different scales for smallholder farmers in Africa
Dr. Kristin Piikku, SLU

12:00 Intellectual property in support of agricultural innovation in Africa
Patrick Andersson, PRV

12:30 Panel discussion on agricultural innovation in Africa with the speakers

13:00 End of seminar 

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