Schoolchildren in Lusaka, Zambia looking at a map of transport hotspots

Photo: Daniel Mwamba / Zambia Road Safety Trust.

Inclusion means empowering all people to participate in and benefit from transport. It encompasses transport policies that promote equality and non-discrimination by improving access and mobility of all people, including the poor and disadvantaged, to essential services such as education and health. It also embraces action to remove barriers against those who are often excluded from the transport planning process, such as women, children, persons with disabilities, youth and minorities, and to ensure that the voice of all can be heard.

This seminar will explore promising approaches aimed at overcoming exclusion in East African urban transport planning showcasing key methodological innovations. The seminar will be led by Steve Cinderby (SEI York), with Constant Cap as discussant, and will present three case studies:

  • Accessibility and mobility interventions in informal settlements (Slum Dwellers International)
  • Creative methods to widen transport planning inclusion in Nairobi and Kampala (Cassilde Muhoza and Romanus Opiyo, SEI Africa)
  • On-street engagement in Lusaka and Kampala (Amanda Ngabirano , Makere University and Daniel Mwamba , Zambia Road Safety Trust).

Presentations will discuss the benefits of widening inclusion on urban transport systems robustness and resilience outcomes.

Non-SEI INTALInC participants

From left: Constant Cap, discussant (Photo: Constant Cap); Amanda Ngabirano, speaker (Photo: Amanda Ngabirano); Daniel Mwamba, speaker (Photo: Daniel Mwamba)

INTALInC Webinar series 2021 Session 2: Practitioner Perspectives: ‘Inclusifying’ urban transport.

This webinar is part of the Second Annual Interactive Bi-weekly Webinar Series convened by INTALInC . The series is titled “Solutions-led perspectives on inclusive and sustainable mobilities: New pathways, fresh horizons”. The series will be held on Zoom and starts on 30 September 2021, then takes place every second Thursday until 9 December 2021.

INTALInC brings together partners from across the globe to find innovative ways to address the mobility needs of vulnerable, urban populations. Their mission is to provide evidence to ensure that everyone has the right to affordable, safe, clean and reliable mobility resources with a particular focus on meeting the accessibility needs of low income city populations in the Global South.

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