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Securing land rights of women and Indigenous Peoples in the face of climate change in South Asia

With support from SEI Asia’s Strategic Collaborative Fund (SCF) the National Land Coalition Nepal in close partnership with the Community Self-reliance Centre and International Land Coalition Asia will hold a three-day event on securing land rights of women and Indigenous Peoples in the face of climate change in South Asia.

4 to 6 April 2023
Nepal and Online

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In South Asia, there is a critical need to advance interventions and advocacy led by indigenous peoples, local communities, and women through multi-stakeholder dialogues to build local climate resilience, strengthen the agency and amplify their voices by facilitating knowledge sharing, capacity building and collective action across countries. As a foundational aspect to address climate adaptation and mitigation policies, securing indigenous peoples’, local communities, and women’s land rights (WLR) is proven to increase local communities’ adaptive capacities, food security, and inclusive participation in political processes. Strong evidence also reveals that deforestation and degradation are reduced in areas that are owned, managed and controlled by indigenous peoples and local communities, highlighting the centrality of recognition of their land and territory in support of effective and equitable conservation and climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies.

The event’s guiding principles centred on gender justice and rights-based approaches will be refined with the technical support of the SEI Asia team, and subsequently from the basis on which activities-specific criteria will be elaborated to guide the identification, selection, and validation of participants, partners and co-conveners, thematic lead, and sponsors.

This event is by invitation only. Learn more here

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