Join SEI as we take part in discussions in Visby during Almedalen week, showcasing research topics in which we work.


Monday 1 July


Climate change – New business opportunities and new geopolitical risks with Mistra Geopolitics, an SEI project that aims to critically examine how the dynamics of geopolitics, human security and global environmental change interrelate. Eva Krutmeijer, working with SEI, will lead the discussion.


Transitioning to a low-carbon planet with decent working conditions – how do we get there?   Måns Nilsson, Executive Director SEI, will join other panelists discussing the way forward to contribute to both the fight against climate change and increased justice in working life.


Thinking long-term about China’s global ambitions: Does Sweden have a China-strategy? with Karl Hallding, Senior Research Fellow at SEI. China’s increasingly active foreign policy has triggered reactions in Europe. In this year’s foreign declaration, it was announced that the government will develop a Chinese strategy. What approach Sweden should have to the growing great power in terms of economy, national security, climate and human rights?

Tuesday 2 July


How can innovation in aid solve our global challenges ? with Måns Nilsson, Executive Director SEI. How can we take advantage of Swedish innovation power in the implementation of Agenda 2030 and increase learning and cooperation between Swedish innovation and development actors? To achieve the Global goals, more and new players are required, not only with financial resources but also with ideas and know-how.

14:55 – 15:35

Can circular technologies clean up the Baltic Sea? with Karina Barquet, Research Fellow at SEI and project leader of the BONUS RETURN project. Karina will discuss the possibilities of introducing promising innovative solutions in the Baltic Sea Region. The three innovations in BONUS RETURN: Aquacare, Ravita and TerraNova will be presented. What are the benefits to water companies, river basins and the agricultural sector?


How does China affect Swedish business? with Karl Hallding, Senior Research Fellow at SEI. Last year, Chinese direct investment in Europe was three times as large as in the United States and every fifth of China’s corporate purchases in Europe were Swedish. Several countries are stopping China’s advance – is it justified or excessive?

Wednesday 3 July


Gender equality is crucial for effective climate work  Karl Hallding will join panelists from the Swedish Gender Equality Agency and Vi-skogen to discuss how the world’s 1.3 billion poor are hit the hardest from drought and extreme weather which leads to deteriorated health and growing supply problems. Women have limited access to political, economic and material resources, which is why their vulnerability to climate change is increasing.

Thursday 4 July


What are the business community’s new sustainability challenges?   During this seminar held between 9:00-11:45, SEI Senior Research Fellow, Karl Hallding will kick it off, on the topic: The big transformation – win or lose? Many of today’s resource-intensive business models have a limited life span. One possible way forward is to use scenario methodology to understand the scoop of uncertainty and be able to develop robust strategies for the future.


Migration – a positive force for sustainable rural development , with Madeleine Fogde, Senior Project Manager at SEI and Programme Director at SIANI, an open inclusive network that supports and promotes multi-sector dialogue and action around the Sustainable Development Goal 2 “Zero Hunger”.