Smart and Green Manufacturing Summit

Graphic: SEMI Europe .

The introduction of more automation, data analytics and processing, as well as resource-saving technologies, provides the opportunity – and the necessity – for all stakeholders to work together to achieve industry sustainability goals.

The summit will explore:

  • Best practices, technology insights, and solutions to amass support to improve efficiencies and preserve the environment
  • Electronics design and manufacturing supply chain, such as decarbonizing manufacturing, with the goal of highlighting novel approaches
  • Areas where the industry can progress faster by taking action collaboratively
  • How the industry can innovate to net-zero.

Smart Solutions Paving The Way to Net-Zero Fabs


Beyond ESG: How can we Maximise the Impact of our Actions Using Integrated Approaches to Enhance and Amplify Action to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

Eleni Michalopoulou, Research Associate, Stockholm Environment Institute


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