The water sector is missing an intuitive tool that tells the story of urban water flows to a broad audience. Let’s create a set of diagrams – water stories – together that will enable a more sustainable urban water management, advocate for the human right to water and sanitation and foster the collaboration between the integrated water resources management and water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) communities.

This tool will link natural and human systems as well as supply and demand, and point out equity and ecological issues. It aims to become the standard instrument for understanding urban water flows. In our interactive session, we will introduce our idea with three diverse case studies.

In extensive breakout discussions we seek your creativity and ideas to further develop the tool and to learn more about the needs of potential users. Graphic recorders will capture the findings of every breakout room and a poll will give us insights on how to continue with the initiative. Human rights defenders, members of parliaments, practitioners, civil servants, urban planners, community leaders, researchers and members of intergovernmental organizations are invited to put their heads together and co-create a tangible tool to tell the story of urban water flows. Session repetition: 26 August 2021, 21:00–22:25 CEST.


1) Welcome and introduction

  • Moderation: Irene Laochaisri, Insightpact

2) Preventing Day Zero

  • Jorge Alvarez-Sala, UNICEF

3) Case study

  • Vishal Mehta, Stockholm Environmental Institute: Case study Bangalore, India
  • Carolina Natel de Moura, HEKS Brazil: Case studies Juiz de Fora and Rio Pardo, Brazil
  • Lukas Bouman, Eawag: Case study Berne, Switzerland

4) Breakout sessions

Room 1: Policymakers & Lobbyists

  • Facilitator 1: Dorothee Spuhler, Eawag
  • Facilitator 2: Vishal Mehta (26 August: Steve Cinderby), Stockholm Environmental Institute

Room 2: Utilities

  • Facilitator 1: Lukas Bouman, Eawag
  • Facilitator 2: Kim Andersson (26 August: Jeanne Fernandez), Stockholm Environmental Institute

Room 3: Human right advocates

  • Facilitator 1: Bernita Doornbos, Swiss Water Partnership
  • Facilitator 2: Bisi Agberemi (26 August: Jorge Alvarez-Sala), UNICEF

Room 4: Water users

  • Facilitator 1: Marc-André Buenzli, SDC
  • Facilitator 2: Marta Grave, HEKS

Visual Recording:

  • Elbert Or, Pushpin
  • Regil Cadavos, Pushpin
  • Dyem Carreon (26 August: Ernest Acar), Pushpin
  • Sky Abundo, Pushpin
  • Aly Esguerra, Pushpin
  • Humvee Ricafort, Pushpin
  • Trizha Ko, Pushpin
  • Ling Lucero,Pushpin
  • Yanna Alcira, Pushpin
  • Fid Tan (26 August: Maan Tayag), Pushpin

5) Visual feedback coffee

6) Next steps/Closing

End of session


  • Eawag
  • Stockholm Environment Institute
  • Swiss Water Partnership
  • United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)


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