Scientists in SEI’s Water Program employed daily modelling in the Santa Clara Valley Water District to assess various habitat metrics in the area and project how various regulatory actions might affect fish habitat and water supply for residents, industry and agriculture.

This webinar will focus on scientists’ use of WEAP’s Aquatic Habitat Assessment plugin to help advise the water district on how to operate a reservoir for improved habitat conditions for local Chinook salmon and steelhead trout. SEI Water Program Manager Marisa Escobar and Scientist Doug Chalmers will present their findings from the Santa Clara Valley.

The Aquatic Habitat Assessment plugin measures the biological fitness of species during different life stages based on a range of hydraulic conditions, such as water depth and temperature. The results allowed the water district to design a reservoir re-operation scheme that more closely resembles natural hydrologic conditions in an effort to protect local fish populations.

Tune in at noon PDT for this 19 May 2022 webinar, hosted by the California Lake Management Society . Use the link below at the meeting time to join the event.