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Webinar: Innovation for strong sustainability trajectories

Watch this 3 April 2024 webinar, hosted by Agence Française de Développement (AFD), which explores the role of innovation in achieving strong sustainability. SEI’s Eric Kemp-Benedict and Emily Ghosh discuss their research as part of the expert panel.

3 April 2024
Online only

Watch the webinar

This webinar presents the results of studies conducted by researchers at SEI and AFD which identifies potential relationships between macroeconomic variables in the context of innovation in developing and emerging economies. The findings also introduce indicators to help evaluate strong sustainability while prioritizing conserving ecosystems and human well-being in sustainable development efforts.

The speakers share strategies for how to leverage innovation in the pursuit of strong sustainability and a more resilient future.

Emily and Eric join AFD’s Antoine Godin in sharing their insights.

SEI speakers

Eric Kemp-Benedict
Eric Kemp-Benedict



2018 portrait of Emily Ghosh
Emily Ghosh



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