Peruvian women in national clothing, Sacred Valley, Peru

Villagers in the Peruvian Andes. Photo: hadynyah / Getty Images .

The Adaptation at Altitude Solutions Portal is a new database that contains information about climate change adaptation strategies that are being tried and tested in mountain regions around the world.

The portal provides access to a database that brings together comprehensive, in-depth knowledge on measures being devised and undertaken to help mountain regions adapt to climate change.

The portal has been designed to meet the needs of decision makers and practitioners looking for solutions they can implement. The portal allows users to find measures that have been tried, information about where such measures are being implemented, and details about participants in such efforts.

The portal includes a wide variety of adaptation approaches and covers a wide variety of climate risks. Measures include technical solutions such as early warning systems, soft solutions such as training and capacity-building programmes and good practice approaches and processes. Further solutions will continue to be added and in more languages.

The database contains two types of listings. Detailed “solutions” provide in-depth information about:

  • main beneficiaries and co-beneficiaries
  • outcomes
  • planning and implementation
  • finance
  • innovation
  • evaluation
  • sustainability
  • capacities for design and implementation
  • barriers.

Short solution offer information about pilot undertakings and projects that are just beginning to be implemented.

Users can search for information in myriad ways by:

  • scale (subnational to global)
  • ecosystem type (rivers and lakes, grasslands, urban, peatlands, agricultural lands, deserts, forests, meadows, high alpine)
  • solution type (policy, finance, engineering, monitoring, technical development, research, education and awareness, land use practice)
  • sector (natural hazards, ecosystems and biodiversity, human health and well-being, water, forestry, tourism and consumption, plans and policy, agriculture, basic infrastructure, transport and energy)
  • impacts addressed (flood, landslides, drought, heat stress, altered growing seasons, wildfires).

The Solutions Portal has been developed as part of the Adaptation at Altitude programme funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and implemented by seven partners , including SEI. The programme supports mountain communities and those working with them by improving access to and promoting the sharing of climate change data and adaptation strategies for mountainous areas. Using science policy platforms, the programme helps transfer knowledge to help inform decision makers involved in national, regional and global policy processes.

The development of the database has been led by SEI, the University of Geneva and Zoï Environment Network . To ensure its accessibility and sustainability, the portal has been built into a weADAPT microsite and integrated with the weADAPT theme “Climate Change Adaptation in Mountains “.

The database will continue to expand over time and those interested in contributing can refer to the submission guidance . The functionality will also improve and suggestions are welcome .

The database is hosted and supported by the weADAPT team.