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Stakeholder engagement for evidence synthesis: a webinar series

Creating meaningful engagement with different groups of stakeholders — such as decision makers in environmental policy and practice — during a systematic review or map process can increase the relevance of the evidence synthesis and help the uptake of review findings. Three SEI researchers and one of our communications officers presented recently in the GESI webinar series on stakeholder engagement.

Published on 27 March 2020

Rethinking Communication – Storytelling for stakeholder engagement in environmental evidence synthesis

GESI webinar on storytelling for stakeholder engagement in environmental evidence synthesis.

Storytelling holds untapped potential for communicating evidence from systematic reviews and maps for increased stakeholder engagement. The time is ripe for researchers and research networks to explore, apply and support new tools for science communication.

In this presentation, SEI communications officer Anneli Sundin explains how storytelling as a communication and engagement method can be used in the early stages of systematic review processes to the end — when it is time to communicate results. The aim of storytelling is to increase engagement and enhance the implementation of evidence-based decisions among stakeholders and broader audiences.

This webinar was recorded on 17 January 2020.

A five step approach for stakeholder engagement in priotisation and planning of environmental evidence syntheses

GESI webinar on a five-step approach for stakeholder engagement in prioritization and planning of environmental evidence syntheses.

In this webinar SEI research fellow Biljana Macura describes the empirically tested five-step approach used to engage stakeholders and incorporate their views and opinions in the prioritization and planning of systematic reviews and maps. She further provides examples from recent reviews and describes various challenges and valuable lessons learned from the engagement process.

This webinar was recorded on 26 September 2019.

Managing knowledge production in contexts of conflict

GESI webinar on managing knowledge production in contexts of conflict.

While scientific assessment and systematic reviews aim to be objective, knowledge and how knowledge is produced can be at the centre of environmental conflicts.

The aim of this presentation is to place systematic reviews and maps into a broader perspective of conflict management related to knowledge production, including the role of facilitated stakeholder involvement. It will introduce a brief framework for analyzing conflict in order to facilitate constructive outcomes. The presentation also discusses the role of stakeholder involvement in relation to the co-production of knowledge and conflicts of interests.

This webinar is presented by former SEI senior research fellow Annika Nilsson and was recorded on 4 June 2019.

A framework for stakeholder engagement during systematic reviews & maps in environmental management

GESI webinar on a framework for stakeholder engagement during systematic reviews & maps in environmental management.

The involvement of stakeholders in environmental projects and evidence synthesis has been recognized as critical for ensuring project success. Engaging with stakeholders can be challenging, but it can also provide benefits, including a better understanding of what really works and for whom.

This presentation will introduce a framework and a toolbox for stakeholder engagement in systematic reviews/systematic maps, highlighting recommendations and advice that are critical for effective, efficient and meaningful engagement with stakeholders.

This webinar is presented by SEI senior research fellow Neal Haddaway and recorded on 7 May 2019.

About GESI

The Global Evidence Synthesis Initiative (GESI) was launched to enhance the capacity of low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) in synthesizing evidence and using synthesized evidence to support practice and policy across disciplines including, but not limited to, agriculture, economics, education, environment, and health.


Anneli Sundin
Anneli Sundin

Communications and Impact Officer

Project Communications

SEI Headquarters

Biljana Macura
Biljana Macura

Senior Research Fellow and Team Lead

SEI Headquarters

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