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Ansel Cheng-Wei Yu

Programme Assistant (Climate Systems and Energy Policy Unit)

Ansel Cheng-Wei Yu joined SEI Tallinn in November 2023, he is working as a Programme Assistant in the Climate Systems and Energy Policy Unit.

Ansel’s background is in informatics and social science. He obtained a BA degree in Library and Information Science from National Taiwan University and an MA degree in Social Transformation Studies from Shih Hsin University in Taiwan. Currently, he is pursuing an MSc in Geoinformatics for the Urbanised Society at the University of Tartu. His work focuses on social, spatial, and environmental data analysis and modelling with a particular interest in the impact of citizen science and public engagement on sustainability and inclusive governance. Before joining SEI, he worked as a social work practitioner in gender equality-related welfare services and community building.

He is currently involved in the Net Zero Cities project in SEI to achieve the 2030 climate neutrality goals. He is part of a team composed of SEI headquarters and Tallinn, working on developing models and tools that estimate the carbon reduction benefits and will provide to the cities, enabling them to assess their action goals and advance in social, economic, and financial resources.

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