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Emilie Stokeld

Research Trainee

Emilie Stokeld has a multidisciplinary background in geography, environmental economics, policy think-tank research and environmental non-profits. She joined the Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) group at SEI York and has worked on a range of projects looking at trade, climate change and deforestation. Prior to this role, she obtained a BA in Geography at the University of Cambridge and an MSc in Environmental Economics and Environmental Management at the University of York.

She has gathered experience across the environmental sector, including roles with grassroots charities (Cambridge Sustainable Food, Cambridge Carbon Footprint, A Rocha) and international think-tanks (Chatham House, SEI York). Throughout these roles, she has tackled questions of climate change and sustainability in the food system, exploring both consumer and producer responses to climate change, and public engagement with environmental issues. She is currently working towards a PhD on cascading climate impacts in the soy supply chain, as part of the H2020-funded CASCADES project.

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