SEI is still the same organization, with all the essential work from our fantastic researchers. But from today, our new branding and digital platform will better reflect who we are and will better support us in our role of bridging science and policy.

Developing and building a new website is a complex task and we have taken all possible measures to ensure the right decisions have been made. The website redesign project began by identifying the different groups in our audience along with their needs and preferences. This included a user survey and interviews.

SEI website shown on a computer monitor

Photo: Ben Kolde / Unsplash (modified).

The knowledge we gained from this early work was used to build wireframes – blueprints of the website. We took those wireframes and refined them based on journeys different people might take while using the website to meet their goals. Benchmarking was also an important part of this process, so we analysed other organizations’ websites to learn from them and find inspiration.

The result is what you see here. We have delivered a more user-friendly communication hub with scientific research, policy engagement and capacity development at its heart. It’s all presented with a visual identity that reflects our innovative and collaborative approach to developing robust research.

Do note that the website address has changed—we’re now at

Here are 5 features of the new website:

  1. More ways to browse
    With the nine new topics in the header and links to explore by content type, there are many ways to find information on the topic of your choice. You can also search the website or use links in the content to discover more by region of interest, centre affiliation and more.
  2. Perspectives
    You’ll find blogs and op-eds in the new perspectives section. Learn from the knowledge of our researchers as they reflect on what’s happening in their area of expertise.
  3. New way to read our publications
    We will soon be making it easier to digest publications. You will always have the choice of downloading our publications as PDF, but we will also make it easier to read them on the website, find them from the publications page, and use section and chapter shortcuts as needed. Watch out for new improvements launching later in the year.
  4. Photo stories
    An image says more than a thousand words. With photo stories you get insights to the research in a much more visually interesting way. You’ll also find more images used throughout the website to enrich the overall experience.
  5. Responsive design
    It’s exciting to finally support more ways to access our website. With the new responsive design you can explore and read more from us regardless of your device or screen size.

We will continue to improve the website over time and your thoughts, concerns and feedback are very important to us. If you would like to influence the changes we make, I encourage you to email me with a few lines of what you like or what you think should be further developed.

Thanks for coming on this journey with us, and I hope you enjoy the new experience at