3C was founded by Lars Josefsson, former president of the energy company Vattenfall, in 2007. The 3C group consists of around 70 large companies, including multinational companies like Siemens and Unilever as well as major American companies such as Duke Energy. Companies from China, India and Russia also participate in the group.

The research within the partnership was organized into three different thematic areas with one major research project carried out within each of these thematic areas.

The first of these three projects focused on policies to enhance the development and deployment of new technologies needed to reach a low carbon economy.

The second targeted natural resources, specifically resource constrains that the new technologies required in a low carbon economy may potentially lead to. The third project focused on the options for financing emission reductions.

In addition to the three major research projects, workshops and conferences were organized throughout the extent of the partnership program. The programme started in the spring of 2010 and was managed by 3C coordinator Jesse Fahnestock and Annika Varnäs at SEI until the end of 2012. The secretariat was hosted at SEI Stockholm.

As a supplement to this work, a short white paper on climate change and supply chains is being produced for release at a workshop with business leaders in September 2013.