This is an alliance established by the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the UN University and the Munich Re Foundation, and later expanded with close involvement from OCHA and open discussions with ISDR, UNHCR and others. It was formally launched in Copenhagen at COP15.

CCEMA brings together representatives from the fields of migration, environmental science, and humanitarian and development work, both inter-governmental and non-governmental so as to develop a global multi-stakeholder partnership on climate change, environment and migration.

SEI contributes to the network with its expertise on adaptation, socio-ecological resilience, tipping points in global change, sustainable livelihoods and the bioresource economy. SEI (Mo Hamza and Tom Downing) and the University of Sussex (Richard Black and Dominic Kniveton) are part of the steering committee, advising on the science issues. Some early projects are in the formation stage, and the activities link in closely with SEI’s Strategic Initiative on transformations in risk and humanitarian crises, facilitating a strong engagement between the emerging science and high level policy.

The CCEMA objectives are:

  1. Bringing together key stakeholders.
  2. Developing the knowledge base.
  3. Providing a setting for diversity of ideas, stimulating innovation and inspiring out-of-the box thinking.
  4. Providing practical support to the most vulnerable countries and population groups.