The project consortium includes seven members and is led by Ecofys. SEI is responsible for analyzing environmental impacts (soil, air, water, biodiversity. The project report represents the main document at the EC level for tracking progress in implementing the EU-RED.

Biofuels can play an important role in a sustainable energy supply. Biomass abounds in most parts of the world, and substantial amounts could be produced at low costs. Through the 10% target for renewable energy in transport in 2020, the European Union effectively stimulates the application of biofuels. Today, most biofuels are applied in road transport, but there is increasing interest from the aviation and shipping sector to replace fossil fuel with biofuels.

The EU-RED prescribes that all the sustainability aspects that are commonly linked to biofuels have to be monitored and reported on. Next to these issues, the Commission also has to report on the status of biofuels in terms of production volumes, international trade, European application, policies and their effectiveness and the availability of biofuels from waste, residues and cellulosic material.