The preparation of the development plan was initiated by Government of the Republic Order No. 215 of 12 September 2019 “Approval of the Proposal for Preparation of the Transport and Mobility Development Plan for 2021–2035.” The SEA process and report take into account existing knowledge and generally accepted evaluation methodologies and the content and level of implementation of the strategic planning document.

Project aim:

The main goal of the “Transport and Mobility Development Plan 2021-2035” is to ensure comfortable, safe, fast and sustainable mobility opportunities for Estonian residents and companies. In addition, it focuses mainly on reducing the environmental footprint of transport vehicles and systems. The development plan has been prepared as a strategic level document and the same level of accuracy is applied to SEA.

The SEA report contains a brief overview of the content and objectives of the development plan, the links with other strategic planning documents and a compliance analysis to determine whether the plan contributes to the achievement of international, European Union and Estonian national political environmental objectives. The analysis of external impacts deals with the environmental impacts expected to accompany the implementation of the Development Plan. The SEA report also contains proposals for supplementing the Development Plan and an overview of the SEA process and public involvement.

Project partner:


The project is funded by the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications .