TAGMI provided recommendations for scaling-up the adoption of a specific irrigation technology. The project expanded the TAGMI model adapting to petrol pumps for shallow groundwater irrigation (CPWF-RiU project) by:

  1. Verifying the results of the model with field observations and experts’ opinions;
  2. Re-assessing the model structure (are the lines and relationships accurate? what should change?) and data sources (are there others to include? what organizations have the data?);
  3. Exploring avenues for model refinement through additional data sources and spatial disaggregation;
  4. Exploring the potential of the model to other pumping and groundwater application technologies; and
  5. Exploring the relevance and data requirements of expanding the model to other areas in the wider Volta/Niger Basin.

The International Water Management Institute (IWMI) led the project, with SEI and International Development Enterprises (IDE) as key partners.