The Equity Reference Calculator and the Pledge Scorecard are designed to be quite flexible – as is immediately visible from the options presented in their “Equity Settings” greeting pages, and the further options available within the Calculator’s Settings panel. The goal is to support as wide a range as possible of plausibly legitimate interpretations of the Convention’s core equity principles, and there is much that could be done on this front.


The Scorecard is designed to allow the user to quickly assess a country’s pledge. It is integrated with the Calculator, but it can also be used on its own, for example by users who want to be confronted with fewer options and less detail. The Scorecard’s user interface allows all the core “Equity Settings” to be changed, but for the full range of settings (e.g., if you want to switch from production-based to consumption-based emissions accounting) you need to go to the Calculator.

These tools were developed by Sivan Kartha and Eric Kemp-Benedict of the SEI and Tom Athanasiou and Paul Baer of EcoEquity , who together also developed the Greenhouse Development Rights framework. The Calculator and Scorecard have been created to provide a much more general equity reference framework to enable analysis of a broader range of possible conceptions of responsibility, capacity, and fair shares.

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