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Global Commission on the Economy and Climate

The Global Commission on the Economy and Climate is a major new international initiative to analyse and communicate the economic risks and opportunities which arise from climate change.

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Luca De Lorenzo

Project Team

Måns Nilsson
Måns Nilsson

Executive Director

SEI Headquarters

2018 portrait of Charlie Heaps
Charles Heaps

Senior Scientist


Johan C.I. Kuylenstierna

Reader / Research Leader

SEI York

Marie Jürisoo
Marie Jürisoo

Deputy Director and Operations Director

Global Operations

SEI Headquarters

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The Commission is a partnership of seven economic and policy research institutes –  of which the Stockholm Environment Institute is one – located in the US, China, Europe, India, Korea and Ethiopia. The project is overseen by an International Council comprising former heads of government and finance ministers and leaders in the fields of economics, business and finance.

The Commission’s flagship project, the New Climate Economy, aims to produce better and more comprehensive evidence on whether and how climate policy can be made compatible with strong economic performance. Engaging directly with decision makers in both public and private sectors in a variety of countries, it will seek to synthesise existing knowledge with original research and analysis. It aims to make recommendations to the world’s governments, business and finance leaders, and to the wider global public, on the actions and policies which can simultaneously deliver better economic growth and address climate risks. Its purpose is to contribute to global debate about economic and climate policy, and to inform the goals of governments and the investment decisions of the business and finance sectors.

This project involves a science-to-policy assessment aimed at a wide international audience. By better understanding the multiple implications from climate mitigation action, countries as well as individual actors will be better positioned to make informed choices, to the benefit of themselves, their constituencies as well as the global environment.

Implications other than those directly related to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions need to be identified and, where possible, quantified. Against this background, SEI is preparing a major study in 2013-14, in collaboration with other organizations, focusing on developing new knowledge about the potential risks and benefits of climate mitigation.

This project utilises think-cell® software – a Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel add-in that quickly creates professional presentations and charts, including waterfalls, Marimekkos and Gantts in a matter of minutes. The agenda-building capability is automated enabling smooth handling of complex calculations and multiple work sheets. Visit, for more information.

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