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Charles Heaps

Senior Scientist

2018 portrait of Charlie Heaps

Charlie Heaps is a Senior Scientist at SEI US and developer of LEAP, the Low Emissions Analysis Platform. From 2006 through 2014, he was also US Center Director, followed by serving as Energy Modeling Program Director 2015 to 2024.

LEAP, which Charlie has been developing since 1990, is a powerful, versatile software tool for integrated energy planning and climate change mitigation assessment. More than 1000 people use LEAP each month, and the LEAP online community has grown to over 60 000 members in over 200 countries as of 2023. LEAP has been used by more than 60 national governments to help develop their official climate plans and is also widely used by NGOs and in academia by more than 300 universities and research centers.

Visit the LEAP web site to learn more or download LEAP.

Along with developing LEAP, Charlie works around the world conducting workshops, undertaking studies, and providing training and assistance to LEAP users.

Charlie has a degree in energy studies from Swansea University in Wales and a PhD in environmental technology from the Imperial College London.

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