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SEI annual report

Annual report 2023

Commitment to impact

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SEI annual report

Annual report 2023

Get an inside look at SEI’s achievements in 2023 with our annual report. Learn about SEI’s funders and partners, get a snapshot of the year in facts and figures, and discover stories about how our commitment to impact delivered change.

Published on 18 April 2024

Download  SEI Annual report 2023 / PDF / 15 MB

We have continued to invest in strategic and operational leadership to ensure our people are effective at navigating change, supporting and directing staff, and connecting strategy to operations on the ground.

Måns Nilsson
Måns Nilsson

Executive Director, SEI Headquarters

2023 in numbers

SEI operated 300+ projects in 120+ countries, increased our workforce to 343 employees from 232 in 2018, and saw a rise in annual financial turnover to SEK 415 million.

The map shows the number of projects under way in countries around the world, with darker shades indicating where there is the highest number of projects.

Finance and funding

SEI receives support from a wide variety of sources, and is proudly committed to full financial transparency. Find out how SEI was funded in 2023.
Graph showing the top 5 funders. SIDA is our largest donor with 117 million SEK.

Strategy for action

Explore six dynamic change stories that highlight our impact in industry, governance and communities worldwide.

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SEI Annual report 2023 / PDF / 15 MB

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