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Covid-19: a dashboard to rebuild with nature

Amid the divergent responses to Covid-19, the key role of nature in both its emergence and recovery is clear. This report offers a dashboard to assist in the sustainability transformation needed to build resilience against future shocks.

Holger Hoff / Published on 13 January 2021

Vidal, A., Lade, S. J., Hoff, H. and Rockström, J. (2020). COVID-19: a dashboard to rebuild with nature. World Business Council for Sustainable Development, Geneva.

The Covid-19 pandemic has raised significant challenges for policy-makers, business and the public and there is little alignment on the pathways to recovery. Yet one thing is sure: nature plays a key role in this pandemic’s emergence and recovery.

This report proposes a dashboard based on the two core planetary boundaries of climate and nature loss to guide a truly sustainable transformation.

A priority is transforming the global food system, which is a major driver of nature loss and a major threat to the stability of the climate and earth systems. This calls for actions at policy, consumer and business levels that combine such food system transformation with nature restoration and regeneration and climate action.

Co-authored with Future Earth, the Stockholm Resilience Centre and the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, the paper demonstrates that a sustainability transformation through which we rebuild our world differently with nature is humanity’s best bet for the coming decades.

The report concludes that a nature positive food system is the most effective way to safeguard and strengthen the planet’s resilience against future shocks, including new pandemics.

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