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Decentralising climate finance: insights from Kenya and Ethiopia

This paper explores different mechanisms for decentralizing climate finance to the local level. It focuses on the experiences of a national climate fund – the Climate Resilient Green Economy (CRGE) facility in Ethiopia – and a sub-national one – the County Climate Change Funds (CCCFs) in Kenya.

Nella Canales / Published on 16 October 2017

Alice Caravani, Sam Greene, Nella Canales Trujillo and Aklilu Amsalu (2017). Decentralising climate finance: insights from Kenya and Ethiopia. BRACED.

Children with donkey in windy landscape in Ethiopia. Photo credit: Martina Ulrichs, from the BRACED working paper
Climate change projections in Ethiopia foresee an increase in temperature during all four seasons and across the country. Photo: Martina Ulrichs

The paper aims to understand how well these funds take into account the priorities of local communities alongside recognizing and incorporating national climate change policies and development plans. The novelty of the paper lies in understanding the implications of who takes the decisions, in the investment prioritization process and at what level of jurisdiction, along with how those decisions are taken.

The authors discuss and interrogate the appropriate levels of decision-making for decentralizing climate finance.

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